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Looking for the National Bylaws and Administrative Procedures? You are on the right page, just scroll down to the bottom.



  1.  Index of Forms


  1. National Credential/Delegate Form
  2. Bond Form
  3. Seating for National Convention - Chart
  4. Hallowed Ground - Chart
  5. Line of March - Chart
  6. Installation of Officers and Election Report
  7. Application for Membership
  8. Transfer Form
  9. Historian Instructions
  10. Memory Book
  11. General Guidelines for Reports
  12. Valuation of Donated Itemes
  13. Americanism Book
  14. Americanism Worksheet
  15. Child Welfare Worksheet
  16. Civics Worksheet
  17. Rehabilitation Worksheet
  18. VAVS Worksheet
  19. Transmittal Instructions and Transmittal Form
  20. Uniform & Regalia Codes - updated through August 2016
  21. Death Notice
  22. National Board of Trustee Allwances
  23. Treasurer's Cover Sheet Instructions - Department
  24. Treasurer's Cover Sheet Form
  25. Cover Sheet for VAVS, Child Welfare, Rehabilitation, Girl Scouts and Civics
  26. Unit Report Form
  27. Girl Scouts Good Citizenship Award
  28. Girl Scout Good Citizenship Award - Sample only, to be purchased from National HQ
  29. Oath of Obligation
  30. Associate Membership Application
  31. VAVS Means Veteran Affairs Voluntary Service
  32. Volunteers are making a Difference in VA Health Care
  33. VAVS James H Parke Scholarship Awared for Students who Volunter at VA Hospitals
  34. VAVS Service Award
  35. VAVS Certification and Recertification
  36. Memorial Fund Guidelines
  37. Specification for Banner and Standard
  38. Dual Membership Form
  39. Name or Address Change



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