"Success is built on the dreams
  of those who seek to serve others."

                                                     Evelyn Joppa




Mid-Winter Conference Agenda 2021
Memorial Service

February 25th - 27th, 2021

National Convention 2021
August 9th - 13th, 2021


National Auxiliary Fundraisers



                            Americanism Chairperson      Julie Jirovsky
   Budget / Allowance Chairperson    PNP Gerri Tuohy
   Bylaws & Admin Procedures Chairperson    PNP Ruth S. Moyse
   Child Welfare Chairperson    Pat Engle
   Civics Chairperson    Judy Blackmer
   EIN Chairperson    Linda Chamberlain
   Fifty Year Pin Chairperson    PNP Cynthia Marshall
   Forms Chairperson    Marti Kline
   Girl Scout Chairperson    Leona Rowley
   Headquarters Project Chairperson    Peggy Tuohy
   History Book Chairperson    Vickie Brown
   Insurance Chairperson    Linda Chamberlain
   Investment Comptroller    Peggy Tuohy
   Legislative Liaison    Darlene McCubbin
   Memorial Fund Chairperson    PNP Carol Smith
   Memory Book Chairperson    Joyce Brickett
   Operation Little Angel Chairperson    PNP Barb Nobile
   Registration Chairperson    Twila Gensel
   Rehabilitation Chairperson    Viola Trevino
   Ritual & Resolution Chairperson    PNP Gerri Tuohy
   Scholarship Chairperson    Dotty Sanning
   Ships Store Co-Chairpersons    Debbie Kruger
       Judy Blackmer
   Uniform Chairperson    Susie Lee
   VAVS Representive    Terri Gothard
   Workshops & Inservice 
 Projects Chairperson
   Twila Gensel
 Subsidiary Organizations     
   MODD Fleas    Madam Big Flea Joyce Brickett
   National Past Presidents Club    Regent Donna Jean Peterson