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From Our National President

Added on 08.01.2019

As I write this article, we are only a few weeks out from our National Convention in Billings, MT. I hope everyone is as excited as I am to visit the great northwest. We have lots of informative and fun activities planned for you.

In the event that your unit and/or department is non-compliant with IRS requirements regarding EINs, please read Marine Corps League COO Bob Borka’s article in the Summer edition of Semper Fi magazine (page 8). He has provided a very informative synopsis regarding IRS rules that apply to the Marine Corps League Auxiliary as a subsidiary of the Marine Corps League and a simple step-by-step guide to applying for an EIN. Please share the article with your respective unit/department treasurers. As a reminder, all departments and units must also file a 990N annually to maintain 501(c)(4) status.

This has been a rough year for many of our members with an unprecedented onslaught of hurricanes, floods, fires, tornados, and droughts. Many members of our Marine family have suffered tremendous losses and heartache. Thank you to those units and departments who have assisted these victims as many continue to struggle with the aftermath of weather-related disasters. We also have too many members who have experienced devastating illnesses and family losses. Thank you also to our members who have been there to comfort these families with prayers, cards, a hot meal, or a financial donation. As we move forward, please continue to assist those who need our help whenever you can.

From the National Judge advocate

Added on 06.30.2019

In the June newsletter you were able to see the received proposed Bylaws changes for discussion by the body in Billings, Montana. If your submission did not make it to National Headquarters in time for this year, don’t fret, there is always next year. If you missed the newsletter, please go to the list of Newsletters on our website to find them.

Unit Presidents, it is your responsibility to take the proposed changes to your Unit members for discussion at your meetings. Your Unit delegates that will be representing your Unit at the National Convention are to vote the decisions of the Unit. Unit Members, this is your opportunity to voice your own opinion. Consider the proposed changes to decide if you agree or disagree with the proposed changes and keep in mind that you can always ask your officers for further clarification. Your opinion is valuable.

At the National Convention, the Bylaws Committee will state to the membership if the proposed change is correct as presented, without personal bias. The vote to accept or reject the proposed change comes directly from the membership in attendance, usually after a discussion. This is a good motivation to pay your delegate fees and send a representative to the Convention with your Unit vote.

From Headquarters Marine Corps League Auxiliary

Added on 08.01.2019

Ship store is closed at HQ but open at the convention!

Every Unit should consider owning a few items from our store - our new 18 GB Flash Drive, a MCLA flag set (18x12) desk size (are great for meetings), and 12 inch MCLA Logo Magnets (great on cars in parades), our Logo Stickers and Water Bottles make great door prizes!

Looking forward to all the Department and Unit cover sheets and transmittals! Remember on the newest transmittal form – start with LM’s then continue on the same form with the rest of your members. You do not need to start a new form or cover sheet for Associate or Regular members.