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Added on 10.01.18

I have a few reminders to pass along.  First, dues are now late if they have not been sent to National Headquarters yet.  Please get them submitted as soon as possible.  Also, remember that all units and departments need to be on the same fiscal year as National which is July 1 to June 30.  In addition, 990N e-postcard filings need to be done between July 1 and November 15 on the IRS website.  Finally, all newsletter articles should be sent to our Newsletter Editor Meg Krebs at the following email address:  Meg is currently updating our website so check in to see the new look.

I would like to publicly thank our National Secretary, Karen Grady, for all of her hard work on behalf of all of our members.  She is a real gem!  She is keeping up with transmittals as they come in and is currently working on the Life Interest checks.  She will then be preparing the National Convention Proceedings for distribution which will be send to all units and departments in early October.  If the bylaw changes have been approved by that time, they will be included in the mailings. 

From the National Judge advocate


This can be an exciting season for Unit members as everyone should have heard or read the Bylaws and Administrative Procedures that were presented and voted on at the National Convention. In accordance with Article Eight of our National Bylaws, each revision, amendment or repeal: shall become effective after approval of the National Judge Advocate of the Marine Corps League but no later than 01 January of the following year.

It is a perfect time for Units and Departments to review their own Bylaws and Administrative Procedures to ensure they are not inconsistent with the National Bylaws and Administrative Procedures. I would be happy to chat with you about your Bylaws and Administrative Procedures and what items to include in your Bylaws which may be specific to you such as what constitutes a quorum for your meetings.

Remember that Department Bylaws and Administrative Procedures can only be amended at a Department Convention, but it is never too early to start talking about them. 
From Headquarters Marine Corps League Auxiliary


We have changed office hours:

Monday through Thursday

9am – 3pm