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From Our National President

Added on 06.30.2019

Happy Independence Day!  I hope each and every one of you plan to participate in a 4th of July parade and/or service.  Please remember to thank our Marines and other service members for all they do or have done to preserve our country’s freedoms. 

During this past month, I attended two site visits for potential 2021 National Conventions on behalf of our convention chairman, JPNP Karen Aune.  Both were within easy driving distance from my home (St. Louis, MO and Springfield, IL), and both would be able to accommodate all of our needs should they win the bid.  There will be two additional site visits before a decision is made by the League members present at the National Convention in Billings.


From the National Judge advocate

Added on 06.30.2019

In the June newsletter you were able to see the received proposed Bylaws changes for discussion by the body in Billings, Montana. If your submission did not make it to National Headquarters in time for this year, don’t fret, there is always next year. If you missed the newsletter, please go to the list of Newsletters on our website to find them.

Unit Presidents, it is your responsibility to take the proposed changes to your Unit members for discussion at your meetings. Your Unit delegates that will be representing your Unit at the National Convention are to vote the decisions of the Unit. Unit Members, this is your opportunity to voice your own opinion. Consider the proposed changes to decide if you agree or disagree with the proposed changes and keep in mind that you can always ask your officers for further clarification. Your opinion is valuable.

At the National Convention, the Bylaws Committee will state to the membership if the proposed change is correct as presented, without personal bias. The vote to accept or reject the proposed change comes directly from the membership in attendance, usually after a discussion. This is a good motivation to pay your delegate fees and send a representative to the Convention with your Unit vote.

From Headquarters Marine Corps League Auxiliary

Added on 06.30.2019

There will be new items available at the Convention, watch for a new order form and catalog on the website!  I will also send it out to the units in July!  Remember the store will be closed from July 15 through August 23 for convention activities. 

Treasurer’s – it is time to send transmittals, please use the newest forms which include a Unit Cover Sheet and a transmittal which will allow you to put 10 members on each page.  (There is a fillable form available online.)   If you have questions, call your Dept Treasurer, the HQ Office or the National JR VP, we are here to help